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A Day in Hundred Islands

07 May 2016. A post celebration of my father’s birthday.

Day 1: May 7, 2016 (Saturday). Departure from Manila. Hundred Islands National Park.

We all woke up at around 3am and departed Manila at 4am of May 7, 2016.

We arrived Alaminos, Pangasinan at past 9am and stopped at the Jollibee to buy our brunch (breakfast + lunch) before going to Hundred Islands.

At Hundred Islands National Park, we went to the tourism center where we pay environmental fees and boat rental. We also rented a snorkeling gear for our snorkeling activity. Then we headed to the Hundred Islands.

Our first stop and where we stayed was the Governors Island. We first ate our brunch, then a photo-op. While waiting for the zip line registration to open, naligo muna kami sa dagat, then rest for awhile.

At 1pm, me and my sister went to the registration booth and we both registered for the zip line. After registering and paying fees, they geared us up then we climbed up the Governors Island. The zip line is 500+ meters that connects to Virgin Island.

At the top, we waited for a few minutes before jumping off the zip line and the view was so beautiful.

Now time to zip line, it was my first time to do it kaya medyo kinakabahan ako nung una pero nawala ang kaba ko nung nakatalon na ako at ang saya pala gawin yun. After the zip line, we walk back from Virgin Island to Governors Island. Along the way, we took some pictures.

As we arrived in Governors Island, we rest for awhile and availed our pictures that were taken in zip line. Then, we ride the boat again and headed to Coral Garden near Quezon Island.

In Coral Garden, we snorkel. I’m not a good swimmer so it is a good thing that we have life vest to use it. And for that, I was able to see the corals under the water. Although, we have to swim away from our boat to see the corals and it took me few minutes to get there. Anyway, we saw many corals and fishes.

We were exhausted from swimming around the Coral Garden so me and my sister had a hard time swimming back to our boat. Thanks to my dad, he helped us to get back.

After snorkeling, we went toMarcos Island for a photo-op. Then, we explore the rest of the Hundred Islands.

After exploring, we headed back to Alaminos. Then, my parents bought some crabs and a cake for grandma. That’s it.

-End of Day 1-


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