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Pahiyas Festival Day Tour with Side Trips

15 May 2016. Pahiyas Festival Day Tour with Side Trips.

My mom availed a Pahiyas Festival Day Tour with Side Trips in Metrodeal which was offered by TipidLakbay Tours.

And below was supposed to be our itinerary for that tour

  • 3:00 AM – ETD Manila (Araneta Cubao or Shell Ayala EDSA)
  • 6:00 AM – ETA Kamay ni Hesus; breakfast (on guest account) ; tour around Kamay ni Hesus
  • 8:30 AM – ETD Kamay ni Hesus; off to Pahiyas Festival
  • 9:00 AM – ETA San Isidro Street “Pahiyas Festival” ; watch procession, higantes ; socials
  • 2:00 PM – ETD Lucban
  • 3:00 PM – ETA Nagcarlan Church / Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery; tour
  • 4:30 PM – ETD Nagcarlan Church / Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery
  • 7:00 PM – ETA Manila

Few days (or a day) before the tour, they already advice us about the call time and the meeting place. The call time was 2:30am and the meeting place was in front of the entrance of Ali Mall along P. Tuazon in Cubao. Then, approach the bus with TipidLakbay tarpaulin and also the organizer wearing TipidLakbay shirts.

However, when we arrived in Cubao we didn’t saw them. The bus was not yet there (we waited for at least 1 1/2 hour for them to arrive) and there’s no sign where the organizer were until one of them approached us all and asked if we already have a seat plan.

We actually departed Cubao at around (or past) 4am. While traveling, we slept then we had a bus stop in one of the gasoline station in SLEX, there we bought our breakfast and ate it at the bus. After eating breakfast, we slept again. When we woke up, we were already few towns away (in Laguna) to Lucban, Quezon where the Kamay ni Hesus is situated.

In Kamay ni Hesus, there are many people in the church and also in the hill shrine. They said that there’s at least 305 steps going up that hill and we actually made it to the top. While going up, you will see all the stages from the last supper to carrying of the cross to crucifixion until you reach the summit: Statue of the Ascending Christ.

It was fun but exhausting, it was exhausting going to the top of the hill not because of the number of steps but because of the heat. It was hot that day and luckily we brought water to keep us hydrated.

After the hill shrine, we exited and passed thru the garden of eden, noah’s ark and candle station (not in particular order..forgot which one is first… heheheh).

Then, we rest for awhile before going back to bus. After resting, we went to our bus and informed our tour coordinator that we will proceed to San Isidro Street for the Pahiyas Festival.

We rode a tricycle going there (₱10/head). The tricycle driver dropped us off near the San Isidro Street then we walked our way there.

In Pahiyas Festival, we eat lunch first at the Bodega Grille before exploring around the place. It took 30+ minutes before they served our orders due to many orders.

After lunch, we went straight to San Isidro Street where you can see houses with colorful decor using Kiping and agricultural harvest. You really can see there creativity and they are really doing it wholeheartedly which you can see in their decor.

We explore the place for few minutes and then we bought some food such us longanisa, snacks and also a yema cheese cake. we also bought a shirt before heading back to our bus.

We departed Lucban, Quezon at past 3pm and headed to Nagcarlan Church / Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. However, due to heavy traffic going there, we were not able to make it in time since the place only opens until 5pm. So, we all agree to travel back to Manila instead.

Due to heavy traffic (still), it took as several hours before we were able to arrive Colette’s in Calamba, Laguna to buy some buko pie. Another  few hours for a bus stop in SLEX. Then, we arrived Manila (Back to Cubao) past 10pm of that day (May 15, 2016 – Sunday)

-End of Day Tour-


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